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HCG Diet Overview

The HCG diet offers a unique weight loss alternative to low calorie diets and other forms of dieting. This program has the advantages of medical supervision to ensure your safety, while enabling you to lose weight rapidly to help motivate you to achieve your weight loss goals.

The weight loss program is based on the mechanisms of HCG, a natural hormone that increases the metabolism. Minute amounts of HCG put your metabolism in the same state as in pregnancy, which increases your metabolism to burn fat while eating a very low calorie diet.

HCG In combination with a very specific low calorie diet mobilizes abnormal deposits of fat for nutrition and energy by producing ketones in the liver. Ketones are the preferred energy source for maintaining muscle mass while losing fat. When fat stores are being utilized, the inches are lost precipitously from burning fat as an energy source, sparing muscle breakdown in the process. It is not uncommon to burn one half to one pound of fat per day on this diet, the equivalent of burning 1800-3700 calories a day.

Normally a very low calorie diet alone would result in fatigue, loss of energy, and give you significant hunger pains. HCG enables the body to lose the weight while maintaining your energy level and decreasing your appetite while on a restricted diet. The ketones produced are the preferred energy source for the brain and muscles, rather than glucose. Fat-soluble vitamins are released from the fat stores as well.

Dr. Simeon in Rome, Italy, developed the HCG diet in the mid 1950s. He postulated there are three distinct types of fat in the body.
1 Structural fat, such as the fatty cushions in the soles of our feet.
2 Normal fat, which acts as a reserve of energy.
3 Abnormal fat, such as the large deposits of fat in the abdomen, hips, thighs, upper arms and back. HCG targets abnormal fat.

HCG works primarily to mobilize the abnormal fat and to thus shrink the fatty deposits so one loses weight without seeming to mobilize normal fat or structural fat. Therefore, it is an excellent diet for people who want to safely lose abnormal fat in a medicinally supervised program.

The diet program consists of FOUR PHASES, guided and monitored by Dr. Clement.
Phase 1: DETOX.
An initial workup includes an exam & blood work. There is a week or more of gentle detoxification, consisting of a healthy diet and several supplements to support liver and bowel detoxification. It is important to prepare your body to handle the amount of petrochemicals released in fat burning.

Phase 2: HCG Phase.
The HCG phase includes daily doses of HCG and a calorie restricted diet. During this time Dr. Clement will monitor your progress approximately every two weeks to check your weight loss and to answer questions. At the last check-in appointment,

The 1st three weeks of maintenance involves adding back in full calories without eating grains or starch carbohydrates. The 2nd three weeks of maintenance allows some carbs to be entered back into the diet with caution. Watch for cravings, weight gain, water retention. Keeping a food journal helps one recognize the best foods for maintenance. Exercise is important to keep the metabolism going. Maintaining weight within 2 pounds up or down from the last injection weight helps reset the metabolism.

Low Glycemic diet and appropriate exercise.

Dr. Clement suggests a ketogenic diet for maintenance. She uses a supplement, KETO/OS to decrease carbohydrate cravings and to increase metabolism. drmary.experience keto.com

Between the 1st and 2nd course – must be at least 6 weeks from the last injection.
Between the 2nd and 3rd course – must be at least 8 weeks from the last injection.
Between the 3rd and 4th course – must be at least 12 weeks from the last injection.

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– Dr. Mary