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KETO/OS and the Ketogenic Diet


In March 2016, I was introduced to KETO/OS and the fat burning effect of ketones and the ketogenic diet. I thought that I knew all about fat loss and low-glycemic diets. Boy was I wrong when it came to the ketogenic lifestyle.

Since March, 2016, I have lost and kept off 5 pounds of abdominal fat with no decrease in muscle mass. I had NO intentions of losing weight when I started taking KETO/OS, as I have been the same healthy weight and healthy BMI for decades.

KETO/OS tremendously benefits my weight loss patients and my hCG patients by eliminating carb cravings, foods that usually result in overeating and in weight gain.

KETO/OS also tremendously benefits anyone who wants to have increased energy, better moods, better sleep, and a trimmer body!

What is KETO/OS?
KETO/OS is a tasty, powdered supplement that helps burn fat and was designed to put therapeutic ketones in the body.

What is the ketogenic diet?
A diet which produces ketones from the consumption of high fat, moderate protein and limited carbs from low starch veggies.

What is Intermittent Fasting?
A prolonged period of fasting between meals.
KETO/OS is a great adjunct to intermittent fasting as it decreases appetite and burns fat for energy.
• Begin the day with “fat” or “bullet proof” coffee or tea.
• Consume KETO/OS later in the morning.
• Eat your first meal no earlier than 11am or even later in the afternoon.
• Eat your last meal by 8pm.
• The fasting overnight helps your body to continue to burn fat.
• Go to for more information.

KETO/OS has so many benefits:
• Fat loss
• Muscle preservation
• Fast and sustained energy
• Reduces brain fog
• Lessens depression and anxiety and increases mood
• Appetite suppressant
• Increases strength
• Improves sleep
• Improves digestion
• Improves skin

The ketogenic diet has many health benefits as well. I encourage you to go to and search “ketogenic diet”. You will be amazed at the published scientific studies on the ketogenic diet regarding many serious conditions such as:
• Neurological diseases
• Cancer (most cancers need glucose and cannot live in a state of ketosis)
• Autoimmune disease
• Alzheimer and dementia
• Diabetes
• And more

To order KETO/OS, go to I personally like the chocolate flavor, charged (with caffeine) in the morning with unsweetened chocolate almond milk and MCT oil, and the chocolate flavor uncharged (non-caffeinated) with unsweetened vanilla almond milk and MCT oil in the afternoon. KETO/OS also comes in Orange Dream and KETO/Max Hawaiian Punch.

Contact me if you need additional information before ordering KETO/OS! You will love it!
– Dr. Mary