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Homeopathic Sessions

Homeopathy creates miracles and has been the hallmark of my energetic practice since 1991.

Why would you choose to book a homeopathic session?

– If you are in need of help with any emotional issue including anxiety, depression, fear, restlessness, overwhelm, apathy.
– If you suffer from physical disorder such as insomnia, fatigue and exhaustion, pain, allergies, digestive issues, headaches.
– If you feel spiritually disconnected or undirected in your life’s purpose.
– If you are looking to help your child with emotional or physical issues; to help him/her develop a greater self-esteem and confidence.

A homeopathic session lasts about 1 ½ hours, a session which involves your sharing concerns and history and my asking clarifying questions. After the information gathering is sufficient, I will select several remedies to “muscle test” through applied kinesiology. It is often my practice to prescribe a remedy that is a combination of several homeopathic remedies and potencies, chosen to shift various emotional and physical frequency patterns that the body holds. I always confirm the remedy selection and potencies by muscle testing.

Return visits are generally in 2-4 weeks in order to muscle test the remedy and it’s potencies and to make any adjustments while the body and emotions heal. The return visits last between 30-60 minutes.

If time permits and I deem it beneficial, I will add a Neuro Emotional Technique at one of the visits or at a separate visit to shift emotional patterns at the cellular level.

As I have built my practice on homeopathy and energetic healing, I hope you consider this modality and contact me to set up an appointment. You will be happy that you did.

– Dr. Mary